Why capitalism is bad for humans

The capitalists ideology documented by men such as Adam Smith in his writings, The Wealth of Nations encourages each human to pursue their own self-interest because it will produce a more efficient society. Yet, all capitalism has produced is a monetary based economy that results in corruption, class separation, selfishness, and abuse of labor leaving us at the point where we are now, having nothing but our labor remaining which is what we started with a long time ago.

This type of society results in the majority of the best and brightest humans becoming trapped behind a cubicle wasting their intellect to make as much money as possible rather than for building and inventing creations that will assist with the evolution of society.

Very rarely do humans do bad things because they are bad humans. More often humans commit bad acts to fulfill what they believe is a need. It is human need and the necessity to pay for all survival needs with money that results in people doing things like cutting corners or taking the cheap way out when making a product. 

Poorly made products are a result of the human survival instinct that can only be satisfied with money. Many times cutting corners can result in damaging a person who buys the product.

 A businessman who cuts corners does so all in an effort to save a few dollars or squeeze out a little extra profit. The business man does not cut corners to cause injury to a customer yet, many times these types of actions will lead to an injury.

For example a thing such as good quality food and bad quality food should not exists all food should be the same, good quality.  However, a food company may decide to use pesticides to increase the amount of apples they harvest. Thereby, allowing them to sell more apple and lose less to insects. That pesticide may have harmful side effects. The company then offers an organic version of the apple that does not have harmful side effects and sells it for more than the one with the pesticides. Now, you have two different quality levels of the same product.

The customer is now forced to eat a crappy apple if they want to save money. Some customers may not be able to afford the organic version of the apple so they buy the regular apple as a result the customer develops allergies that increases their medical bills.

The customer then takes the cheapest version of an allergy medicine they could find and as a result the allergy medicine affects their hormones, the change in hormones causes a genetic defect in the customer's new born baby. This scenario can go on and on but at each turning point the choice was made based on the individual's survival being directly tied to how much money they have and as a result they tried to save a few or make a few bucks. 

Had the scenario been one in which the businessman's survival needs were not tied to money. There would be no need to try and make a few extra dollars, save a few bucks, cut corners or take the cheap way out. The only concern would be what is best for the end user of the product. Since the farmer won't have to pay for his family's food or shelter with money there would be no need to grow an apple that has harmful side effects in the first place. 

If you tell a human being that their very survival depends on them having a certain thing. It is the natural instinct of that human to accumulate as much of it as possible. They will not simply try to acquire the amount needed for the survival of his family. Instead they will try to get as much as humanly possible. 

The strength of the human survival instinct is not based in the practicality of having enough, but in the feeling of getting what it needs. It is this type of irrationality that a economic system should control not encourage. 

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  1. "Since the farmer won't have to pay for his family's food or shelter with money there would be no need to grow an apple that has harmful side effects in the first place." What?
    Wouldn't that be more like "Since the farmer won't have to pay for his family's food or shelter with money there would be no need to grow an apple"...and therefore no apples and no food and all humans die