What is ideal economic system for all people

For the human ego, capitalism is attractive because it enables those who are strong enough to attain, while cursing those who can’t. The produces a polarizing effect that can only be enjoyed by one pole.
For this reason some people will enjoy the challenge of capitalism because it is a “eat what you kill” model that satisfies my ego. 

However, this kind of selfishness leaves large sums of the population without inheritance, doomed to feel the sting of poverty while wallowing in the bliss of ignorance.

The alternative to the “eat what you kill” model is the “pack” model where the inheritance is shared and invested in the people to ensure the survival and advancement of the “pack.” This would allow each generation to build into the collective equity of the previous until ultimately millions of life spans worth of human equity has been realized. Which would eventually allow each newly born earthling to be born debt-free.

I realize that perhaps it is difficult to imagine a society that is any different, since working is all most people have known their entire lives. In recent history humans have tried only a few types of societies: Capitalism, Socialism, Imperialism and Communism are the major ones, all of these models have served us less than ideally.

So it's worthwhile to imagine an ideal society, one in which food, shelter, education and security is a human right at birth for all humans regardless of class that is paid for by the billions live spans, over millions of years of work done by previous human generations. Then all earthlings would be born free of financial worries.  

Is this possible? and how could it happen?

It is not that the earth doesn't have enough wood to build homes for everyone, its not that the earth can't grow enough food to feed everyone, and the only reason we fear for our lives is that when some people don't have sufficient food or shelter they become criminals or try to cut corners, make a few extra bucks or squeeze out a little more profit all of which ultimately passes human need from one household to another instead of providing for it.

It's not that we have too many people or too many animals as the population control enthusiast would have us all think. While humans do put a great strain on the earth's resources it's not like they are not replenishable and all the waste could easily be fixed with technological efficiencies. 

So, if all survival needs were provided for from birth, there would be hardly any crime and not much need for laws or prisons. Since you would not have to work to stay alive, everyone can dedicate their lives to building the future and inventing systems that improve conditions for all life forms. The most important job in this reality would be the development, management, and distribution of the earth's resources to ensure everyone's needs are met. 

If we need more food, simply plant it or genetically engineer it.
In this world, money would not be necessary because development would not be about if we can afford to build something, it would be, do we have the resources, the knowledge, and the labor to do so.

The scenario I am hinting at is a resource based economy. In this system if you can imagine with me for a moment further, no resource that provides for a human need can be owned by any one individual. Water, land, plants, animals etc. are all provided free of charge by the earth. These resources would be used as needed by and among all humans. 

Our mathematicians would calculate how much of a resources and human labor is required to fulfill all needs in an abundant amount. Meanwhile, our engineers and scientists would build the systems, to produce, and distribute the required amount from the natural resources that are abundantly available. All this while maintaining adequate recycling for continued growth of the natural resource by the Earth.


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