What does being a billionaire actually mean?

We humans have been on this planet for a long time and for as long as we have lived here, we have been working, laboring our life away and for what? We have nothing to collectively show for all this hard work over billions of live spans and when we look forward into the future, we see nothing but more work and more labor for future generations. What happened here? Where is our equity as Earthlings? It’s like paying a mortgage that never goes down, you never gain any value for yourself so the bank still owns 100% of the house even though you have been working and paying for years.

Why buy the house in the first place if that is what’s going to happen. A very depressing scenario when you look at it truthfully. This is the result of having the wealth of a few men surpass the combined monetary worth of entire countries.

Most people don't realize that if a man has billions or even many millions in his bank account just sitting there, that's not just money sitting in a bank that is the collective equity of millions of years in human labor that is not doing anything for humanity. 

Once a person has surpassed the amount of money necessary to sustain their life and the lives of their family for generations, then there is no use in having any more money just sitting in a bank somewhere collecting interest while not being put to work to relieve human strife.

This is the problem that keep earthlings trapped in the debt of their own birth, and debt is slavery, for the only way to relieve debt is to work it off.

Traditional slavery, was too expensive for the slave owner because they had to pay for the living expenses of the slave.  But in modern society, labor is controlled by wages, thus, creating the self-financed slave who is responsible for feeding, housing and securing themselves. 

This type of slavery does not discriminate by race but enslaves all people from birth, for the benefit of a few who manipulate wages from the top of the pyramid while storing the sweat equity of the majority as digits inside a computer network displayed on their bank account screens. 


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