Transitioning from a monetary system to a resourced based economy

A monetary economic system traps people in cyclical and ever accumulating debt but since monetary systems currently operate as a monopoly we will explore one possible way we could transition from a monetary based economy to a resource based economy.

A resource based economy uses human ingenuity applied to natural resources to invent technologies that would gradually free earthlings from labor permanently. So how would this work? Currently, when a new machine is developed to do manufacturing, people are upset because that means an earthling will lose their job. However, this need not be the case. 

Take an automobile manufacturer for instance, once upon a time all labor down to every screw was screwed in by a human hand.  Then machines came and started doing some of the work which freed some people from performing some functions in the manufacturing process.

With the addition of a machine the human labor time required to produce an automobile is reduced by some units. Let's say 40 hours a week for instance, which allows the company to fire one human worker to save the company money. Instead of laying off that human worker, what if the company simply reduced the workweek from 40 hours to 39 hours for each human worker at the plant while maintaining the same salary for all. The plant did not lose production capacity; however, it freed one hour of human time to be spent enjoying life instead of working.

Imagine that this happened in every company and government all over the world as more advanced technology and better machines take over more and more labor. Eventually, we could all have a 20 hour work week instead of 40 allowing more time for everyone in the society to spend nurturing their children, learning new skills, developing the arts and making new discoveries that will further ease the strains of life. 

Eventually, we may all only have to work a few hours a month, perhaps even not at all for the first 30 years of our lives. Paying workers back with their own time  is the most valuable and effective way to increase quality of life and allow everyone to share in the equity of human  advancement and ingenuity.  It also prevents inflation completely. 

Sure, there will be a few lazy people who will sit at home and do nothing but that's OK we have that now. But the vast majority of people would pursue their passions to the benefit of us all. Any number of scenarios could happen based on this “pack” model all of which would be better than the “eat what you kill” model we currently live in.

Instead this is what happens now: The owner(s) of the company uses less human labor to produce a car much faster. The increased efficiency results in bigger profits that the owner(s) places in his bank account. The size of the owner’s bank account increases beyond what he or his family can use within their lifetimes. Most of the time their money is just sitting in a virtual world seen as digits on a computer screen doing absolutely nothing for anyone, not even the owner.

The earth has enough natural energy and resources now. We have enough knowledge now, and we also have enough labor now to build the technology necessary to free all earthlings of labor along with all its ills. Generation in the future would inherit such high standard of living that we would be able to pursue spiritual advancement, space travel, and even populate the oceans with cities if we wanted to. 

But since we didn't develop that kind of society generations ago, we have to work but labor remains the only real currency. A monetary system is a pyramid scheme of the highest order based on ascending wage levels. At it's base, all human labor has the same value. The only variance is the scarcity for labor in various sectors.

Most people never realize that when they work and receive money in exchange, that new money is not being printed for them. The worker is simply getting in line to receive a share of money that is already circulating. 

When the Central Bank prints additional money, it actually has a negative effect called inflation that makes the money already in circulation able to buy less goods because the supply of money has increased. 

In a monetary system, money, the same as labor, is ruled by supply and demand. With a monetary system in place each person is automatically born into debt since each human life requires food, shelter, and security and these things cost money. 

The debt inherited from your birth many times is taken on by your parents for a certain period of time or until you are expected to pay for your own survival. Labor is what you do to pay debts. Any labor that is in excess of your debt, the cost to live your life, is your net worth.

This excess labor is the most common way people get the flow of money energy circulating in their life in our current society. The point at which you begin to earn above the cost of living is usually where money problems should start to improve but often it begins to get worse and worse. 

It is at this point; the point of just-over-broke (JOB) that most people begin to stagnate the flow of money in their life.

Cash flow stagnation occurs because the expulsion of labor energy for higher and higher pay is seen as the only way to increase money and thus security.

People who have little or no inheritance, or those who's parents may not be able to afford to pay for the living expenses of their childhood inherits even more debt in the form of lack of education, knowledge, and a skill that would allow them to enter the workforce and use their labor in a meaningful and beneficial manner.

Instead, they become stuck, never being able to lift their wages above the level of their living expenses; doomed to live forever in financial doom only to pass on their doom to their children and to taxpayers.  


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