Theft and Greed The Key Ingredients In Taxation, Corporatization, Capitalization

Concepts such as owning land and water feeds competitive survival behaviors. How can a human own something that predated human life? The idea of taking control of a piece of land or water then charging another human a price for it is criminal in itself. The earth do not charge for using its resources. Why then, should one human charge another? Or a government tax a human for owning it. Money then becomes a barrier to human survival and causes conflicts.

All living things owes its survival to the land and water that is abundantly available on the earth. All that is required to survive on the land is human labor and intellect.

No one should be able to own land. Land should only be held by the primary users of it. Much worse than a human owning land is it being owned by an “artificial person” otherwise known as a corporate entity.

Corporations owning land create the scenario whereby land is owned by people who do not use it directly while still being able to suck the benefits from it. This type of arrangement enslaves people. The entire concept of requiring proof of land ownership in the form of a deed is proof itself that the land in question is stolen land.

Think about it, if the land really belonged to you then everyone would know that's your land because it has been in your family for generations, you and your family live on the land so there is no reason to prove that you own it with a piece of paper. 

However, if you stole the land then you would need proof to protect you from other thieves stealing it from you. 

Examine the following scenario; an invading force kills the inhabitants and take their land.  In order to avoid conflict among the invaders there must be a way to definitively prove who a piece of land was awarded to and a clear way for a court to settle if there is more than one claim on the same piece. 

The invaders, having left their family land to seek more land will start a Business/Corporation around the use of the land to enrich themselves at the expense of the original inhabitants. The government would then make it their business to tax the profits gained by the Corporation in order to fund the entire system. A structure based on theft and greed. 


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