Single Most Significant Event In Modern Human History

The single most significant event has been the invention of cash money and the modern banking system that gives the illusion of real value to worthless paper money while the items of real value (i.e.) oil, land, wood, etc., is readily exchanged for it. It is a trick. In all actuality MONEY DOESN’T EXISTS, it is an illusion, even now paper money and coins are being removed from society in exchange for digital currency. 

Coins were once made with actual gold and silver but now its not. If the United States can go into unlimited deficit then there is no way the currency is backed by anything real.

For example, if I told you I would lend you as much money as you want to borrow for the rest of your life why would you pay anything back?  You would just keep borrowing until you die, right? The only thing that holds a monetary based economy together is the existence of credit, because credit controls how much you can borrow. There are only two types of people in existence today "Debtors" and "Creditors" and guess who the creditor is? That's right it’s you and me and every living breathing men and women.

Most people never realized that they are the "Creditor" because they always seem to be in debt and always seem to owe some corporation something. 

Remember A private Banking Corporation now prints every dollar of currency in the United States. Banks use to print notes to show how much they have in reserve but there is nothing in reserve anymore, these are instruments of public debt. 

The bank prints and exchange the notes for Treasury Bonds equaling the amount of the dollar bills printed plus interest. Bonds are the primary way that governments borrow money. You hear all the time about government debt, right? Well, issuing bonds is how the governments do most of their borrowing, they are financing their debt. Who are they borrowing from? From their Creditors and who are their Creditors? Whoever finances the government bonds is the owner of the debt and expect to be repaid.

I am sure you have heard of a municipal bond perhaps issued by your local Town or City well if you buy one of those that means you are their Creditor. The Government must pay you back the face value of the bond (which is how much you paid for it or lent the City) plus the interest also stated on the bond.

So, the United States government issues a bond to the Federal Reserve Bank for the amount of Federal Reserve Notes (money) it prints plus interest, this creates a debt owed by the United States and its citizens. The department of Treasury collects payments in the form of taxes the department that handles that is the Internal Revenue Service or I.R.S.

To help it sink in let me give you a little more of the back story. Curiously, around the time of the Great Depression in the early 1930's a group of international business men presented then President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt a demand to redeem in gold the deposit certificates they now owed. 

Take a look: back then the money said “redeemable in gold”. This meant you could take you money to the bank and exchange it for gold.

The problem was that the Government had legalized fractional
lending in the early 1900's, a scheme which had been going since the early days of banking in the 1700's. This meant that the banks had issued far more certificates than they had gold. 

So President Roosevelt knew they did not have all the gold available to cover the deposit certificates this group of international business men presented.

This couldn't of happened at a worse time, there was what would later become known as The Great Depression, Hitler's attempt to take Europe and now and the United States Treasury did not have enough gold to redeem the certificates. This meant the United States was now bankrupt. Fearing the repercussions of such an announcement to the American People and the world given the state of affairs a secret deal was negotiated instead. This is what was really meant by the “new deal”.

The group of international business men would accept full ownership of the Federal Reserve bank moving it from a public trust to a privately owned and operated bank just as they had already do to The Bank Of France, The Bank Of England and other banks all around the world using similar take over strategies. Along with ownership came the exclusive right to print all money for the United States from that day forward, as it was the only way to insure payment. 

With executive Order 6073 - Reopening Banks on March 10, 1933 the United States had a new Overlord. This was in the backdrop of the bank runs, closing of the banks, confiscation of the gold and re-opening of the banks that took place in the 1930's under President Roosevelt and those actions remain in effect until today.

As of February 5, 2013 the total combined public debt was $16.481 trillion. According to the Federal Reserve there are $1.16 trillion in circulation as of January 23, 2013. Meaning the rest of the debt is for interest, and those Federal Reserve Notes were never printed. Even if every single Federal Reserve Note was confiscated to pay off the national debt it would be about $15.32 trillion short. So paying off the nation's debt is an impossibility. 


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