Escape The Monetary System That Creates Perpetual Debt and Steal Your Life Force

The objective of the monetary system is to create perpetual debt and steal your life force by rendering all of us as mere beasts of labor. 

Human labor is the only real currency and it is evidence of a debt. In a debt economy the net worth is negative and two negatives = a positive. So instrument of debt (Federal Reserve Note) payable in a bankrupt system, becomes a positive mathematically. So all we are really doing is passing debt around between each other, it has to be paid and the only way to pay it is with labor my labor, your labor and the labor of all our kids .

Since there is no real money backed by value the operative replacement for money is credit which is what we are all passing around. 

Tell me who has the worst credit and who has the best credit? Whoever has the best credit will always appear to be richer, because they have access to more capital or more debt.  In other words, they can borrow the most while the people with bad credit borrows the least.

So if money doesn’t exist, then why do people suffer because of lack of it? Why do some people never seem to meet all their needs?  The Answer is simple; bad circulation. Most major U.S. cities have a Chinatown, A Wall Street, A K-Town, a Little Italy, Jewish communities, etc. Why is this important? Well, those centers are literally the circulation hubs of their communities because most of the businesses there are owned by the community to facilitate the encirclement of wealth within that community. Communities and people who are not a part of such circulation mechanisms will find themselves lacking to meet their needs.

In order to have all your needs met you must join into a community that circulates wealth. Let's  forget everything that we thought we knew about money. The creators of the current world monetary system has automated society into a measurable format that can be read on the stock markets charts.

The truth is society don't even need money to flourish at all. My advice to Zimbabweans is to scrap the fiat monetary system all together. 

Wealth is in the resources that are provided by the earth free of cost all that needs to be done is the proper application of human labor and intellect to produce the society that we want.  Not printed pieces of paper with fancy graphics or cryptocurrencies.


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