5 Steps To Escape Poverty Consumerism and Have All Your Financial Needs Met


Poverty creates a welfare state that is in reality an army of people who depend on the establishment for their welfare; the poor must constantly go to the establishment for a fix just like a drug fiend. 

This allows the establishment to control them by determining when and where they live and eat. The establishment will always have popular support because the poor depends on it for their welfare.

Prosperity moves in a circular motion and most people are outside the circle trying their best to grab as much as possible before it flies past them. Some grab a lot and some grab a little, but the only guaranteed way to be prosperous is to become one of those who pass the wealth around. 

Produce something, anything that is in demand don't just be a consumer. Consumers may never be able to stop working and step inside the circle. 

Meanwhile, producers and the world banking structure pass money around the circle to each other laughing as the worker/consumer grabs for it but only gets enough of it to consume.

Here are 5 steps to get inside the circle of prosperity and have all needs met abundantly?

Step 1: Begin by re-learning everything you thought you knew about money. No. Seriously, re-evaluate everything that you have been taught since birth about money. If you were never taught about money, then don't start learning the misconceptions about money. Understand that when you think about money what you are really generating is energy. Money doesn't exist. Really it doesn't! As the saying goes,” If you love something you have to let it go.”  Realizing that it doesn't exist is your first step in letting go.

Step 2: Don't concentrate on working hard to stash as much money as possible. Instead concentrate on achieving balance in the speed that money comes in and goes out of your life.

Step 3: Create or join a circle of wealth by spending money with your allies because it will circulate back around to you. Meanwhile, avoid circulating your wealth to people who are greedy, selfish, or refuse to circulate wealth in your circle. A circle of wealth can be a group of friends, a community, a town, a city, a country or the entire world. It can be as big or as small as necessary. Wealth circles can circulate wealth with other circles. Remember that circulation requires both giving and receiving.

Step 4: Become a producer and control the creation and distribution of your life's work, your labor, your time. 

Step 5: Do not hold your accumulated value in the means of exchange that has no real value. Instead store your wealth in resources that can be used to maintain the survival of life such as land, water, and other natural resources or precious metals instead of sitting on a bag of cash for no reason. Only keep enough cash to operate the day to day functions of your life and business.

There is no good in having the wealth of a few men surpass the combined monetary worth of populations of entire countries, even if they promise to do good with it. Having the entire life work of human beings stored digitally as numbers in a computer network, stops the circulation of life needs from existing on the same energetic frequency that people exist in. Thus, causing suffering to others. The human cost of such individual accumulation is not worth the present and future consequences.


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