Book Review: Hedonism Destroying Demonic Sexual Strongholds

So I bought and read this book Hedonism. It's a very provocative title and subject matter but highly misleading and suggestive it's basically clickbait and does not deliver on what it's subtitle says " destroying demonic sexual strongholds". The book does describe the problem (Demon possession of a sexual nature) extensively in its various forms but fails to describe any solution on how to destroy it beyond the old...believe in Jesus and it will go away.

Mac should be upfront that he is basically promoting Christian dogma. This is actually a Christian book so all you religious people will be very happy with the same old story of give your life to Jesus christ and then your life will be perfect if you don't your life will be a living hell.

My take on what the book is saying in short is: In order to get rid of outside spirit possession (Demon) you must invite a different spirit (Jesus) to replace it. So either way you are still possess either by "good spirit" or "bad spirit" either way you are still possessed by a spirit that is not your own. This is the irony of religious dogma... God gave you free will, just so he can have you turn around and give it right back. Make sense right?

In closing I would like provide an alternative:
Religion states that Demons are evil and Angles are good both created by God but humans are given free will to choose good or evil but the trick is not to be possessed by any Demon or Angel but keep your freedom be a good person or be a bad person it's your choice but be responsible for you own life don't get possessed by Jesus or the Devil.

Take personal responsibility for your own actions and be a free soul. The biggest questions believers ask is why did God let that evil thing happen? The preacher answer to this question is... God works in mysterious ways.

Well its not that mysterious after all "good" is relative "evil" is relative to your point of view what's good for you is bad for someone else sometimes so in the end there really isn't any good or evil there just is energy you can use it for good or evil it only matters to the people that it affects.

My advice: if you find yourself within the grips of a  spirit wife—also known as a succubus demon. Then the obvious solution is to divorce the bitch right away.

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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