12 Steps To Create A Transhuman Society (with pictures)


STEP 1. Make tattoos popular and cool.

STEP 2: Make piercings fashionable.

STEP 3: Make breast implants desirable. 

STEP  4: Normalize all forms of body augmentation through plastic surgery; lips, butt, breast to confuse male sexual attraction to desire unrealistic proportions, large breasts, tiny waist, voluminous butt, full lips, long straight fake hair, hair color, piercings, tattoos creating new idealized sexual object that a natural woman could never be born as.

STEP  5: Promote same sex relationships, make homosexuality normal, teach children gener choice and make sexual preference into a legally protected class.

STEP 6: Promote transgenderism male transition to female, female transition to male as a precursor to human transition to computer and computer transition to human. 

STEP 7:  Refer back to step 4; through plastic surgery now men can look like a "sexually desirable" female,  with 100% artificial female features.

STEP 8: Normalize wearable technology that interact with human biology first as wrist bands,headphones, contact lenses and virtual reality goggles then as artificially intelligent implants that feed biological data back to a cloud computer. 

STEP 9: Popularize artificial intelligence technology inside the human body, this technology is a two way communication channel allowing data to flow out and commands to flow into the human. Having the effect of remotely controlling human behavior and thought.  

STEP 10: Now that the holiness of human biology is dismantled there will be no resistance to the creation of human clones, human hybrid clones and widespread genetic experimentation.

STEP 11: Hybridize human and robotics cyborgs and artificial biological entities (ABEs)

STEP  12: Now that all biological life has been "chipped" an all seeing, all knowing computerized God head manages all of human and planetary actions providing order, eliminating war, starvation and creating a nirvana, peace on earth. 

The price?The sacrifice of human free will.

THE END! (Literally) 

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 

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