Weird Law of Attraction Trick To Wake Up From Reality & Manifest Our Dreams

When you are dreaming can you always tell that you are in a dream?
In the dream-state can you tell that you are sleeping?

In most cases the answer is no! When you are living your non-physical existence in the dream-state your consciousness must intervene in order for you to realize that you are actually dreaming. Right?

And once you gain realization you risk completely waking up especially if its a nice dream and you don't want to be awaken yet.

When you are having an unpleasant dream and you call for your consciousness to wake you up, you awaken immediately. Then later after you have calmed down you return to your sleep to live out a different dream-existence. So in your sleep-state you have the ability to easily change change your destiny.

What is the difference between your dream-state and your awakened-state?

They are more similar than different when you really think about it. ..

In both states you are existing, in both states you can make choices, in both states you can change paths.

When you make a choice that you regret what do you do about it?

Let's say you make a really bad decision and you don't like the outcome. Do you ever imagine what would've happened had you made another choice?

Could you have made another choice?

Or was it your destiny to choose the choice you did?

If you were destined to make the choice that you did, then you didn't have a choice did you?

Which means you don't have any choices, right?

What if you could return to the path that you didn't choose would you?

What if I told you that I can?

That you can wake up from your awakened state. Yes, you heard my right, wake up even when you're already awake. In other words I  can change your path just like you change your dream.  And that the only thing that is required is your conscious choice to wake up from a any bad experience, real life or otherwise. Then at your convenience go back into a new, already in progress experience.

Do you believe me?

The funny thing is that in order for it to be possibly for you, you would have the first know that it is possible otherwise you won't even try.

What if I told you that when you awake and enter a new experience that it isn't new at all that its just another you traveling on the path from a previous choice that ended up in a different destiny, on a different time track?

That would mean all your choice are happening at the same time but it's you who can only experience one at a time.

What if it is true that time split into an infinite number of possibilities and each choice, the ones you made and didn't make all happened in some other time track?

Science, actually backs this point of view, the latest quantum physics theories such as Unified Field Theory, Quantum Field Theory, String Theory etc. are discovering this very thing. It gets even more interesting when you realize that their might be millions of you living simultaneously in different destiny's and if you die in one you may still be living in another.

In one life the child who you lost to a miscarriage in this time path was born in another time path. So you have a child in one and no child in another like in the TV show Fringe. Interesting right?

Or like in the movie: The Matrix; Agent Smith had the ability to merge himself into other beings within the Matrix. You can essentially do the same thing with another you who is having a different experience but they are all "You", living in all the destiny's that you created. You, as the Master Alchemist can decided which "You", you want to be at any given time. This all happens on the Mental plane, the "Master You" is the only one capable of manifesting your experiences in 3D.

If you are a sleep having a dream, day-dreaming, visualizing or imagining. All of these experiences begin with a thought. Once you give birth to this thought it instantly exist. Yes, even your imagined experiences actually exist.  Nothing exist outside of your mind and our collective minds. Once you consider the possibility it has already happened. If you never think about it, it will never exists. Everything you see around you, all physical objects had to be conceived inside someone's mind before it could manifest into a physical existence.

There are many levels of existence  the 3rd  dimensional existence is the physical one however, the 3rd dimensional existence is subservient to the higher realms of mental, spiritual, light, and other levels above and between. It is the power of your thought and your conscious decision to a desired experience that determines what you experience.

So how can you put this to use in your own life?

Consider the following example: You are in a job you hate, the pay is too low, you can't stand the people and the neighborhood is dangerous. You are so dissatisfied with things in your life that emotionally you are having a nightmare.  How do you wake up?

Do the same thing that you would do if you were in the sleep-state, your mind can't tell the difference anyways, all experiences are just experiences to the mind it doesn't discriminate among them real or imagined. So, you get to the point where you can't take it anymore and you are scared. If you were in the dream-state, the subconscious mind would handle it for you, your fear would trigger the appropriate chemicals to flow through your body until you wake up. But since you are already awake you have to use your conscious mind to wake up.

You need to first express the desire to have a new experience, create the type of experience you want by visualizing it, then strongly decide to wake up. The instant you make this decision you have already created a new time track pointing to the desired destiny that you want. All the events in your life from that point forward will lead you to your desired outcome unless you mess it up by not realizing what you have done and change your mind again, thereby, creating another destiny.

What is required is focus and concentration on the destiny you want. Then, you must have patience and allow time for the destiny to manifest in your time. Because we live in a society that is not conditioned for this type of power, we are conditioned to constantly relapse into undesired outcomes.

We are continuously feed with  stimuli that causes us to react counter to our own benefit. To combat this, we must continuously  re-enforce behaviors and habits we want to develop. Some type of repetitive practice, such as manifesting meditation, visualization, audio stimulus or affirmations is necessary.

A regime such as : 1. Create >2. Visualize>3. Write>4. Verbally Record >5. Replay/Re-read > 6. Dream> 7. Mediate>8. Know and Release.

An easy way to do this might be to train yourself to essentially live backwards in time, like watching a movie in reverse. So once you create your desired destiny live your existence from that point in your mind backwards. Since it has already happened you simply go through life watching all the events that has lead up to your destiny.

So in a matter of time you gain a new job, with higher income, nicer people and a new home in a safe neighborhood, if that was your desire. Or maybe you desired another outcome. It's completely up to you give it a try and let me know.

I discovered this some years ago and I have been doing it ever since everything I desired has already manifested for me some have already reached me here in the 3rd dimension, while others I am simply being patient awaiting the time-events to pass that lead up to the time-point where I exist. I live in the future experiencing time backwards. You should try it too but it's easier said than done.

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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  3. If I understand this correctly - it is something that has happened almost a rash of them at a time - for me? to me? for awhile now. Not sure which descriptor to use.

    But it seems to also tie in with what I also know as the Mandela Effect. And I wouldn't have known that I had changed timelines as the differences are so subtle, if it wasn't for a picture I had taken of my cousin that is.

    In the first timeline - she was wearing a hot pink sweater and matching pink headband, with bangs - it was just a tad bright for her and not typical for her at this age and it was coming up to Christmas. I thought it was very cute and felt 'pushed' (like I just had to!) take a picture of her.

    It was the first time I did that so it was not a normal reaction for me. I had it on my phone for about a month - downloaded it saw it a couple more times. Had a laugh every time she looked so cute.

    It started to get weird when I went by about 6 weeks later and noticed that she didn’t have bangs any more ? her hair though was a little shorter. Ok so she had her hair done - that’s not odd but how the hell did her bangs grow that fast? When I asked her that as we are having a cup of tea - she just looks at me weird and ignores the question.

    Then about 2 months went by now. Saw the picture again as I was looking for something else and froze.

    At this point let me say that I am a highly visual person at times even photogenic like my brain has taken its own snapshot one that gets reinforced by repetitive viewing and kinda locks it in. Thus I remember nearly everything visually, but not always auditorily.

    So when I saw her picture again this time the large and very evidently gone, her hot pink head with her hair now not showing any bangs at all, I kinda freaked.

    The next time we went over I finally got up the courage to ask her about the hot pink head band. Nope never!! had one. She only had three black brown beige…. which is more typical for the person I know. lol

    But she still did have the hot pink sweatshirt….