Media Hypnosis: The Death Of Original Thought & The Creation Of Real Zombies

Original thought also known as divine inspiration is a thought or idea that does not have its root in the known sources. Often times ideas are sparked by other ideas, people, places or the physical senses. However, at times ideas draw inspiration from outside the known senses such as those gained during dreams, meditation also known as divine inspiration.

Thought is a form of energy traveling as an electrical signal. It takes one second to form a thought. Each human has approximately 100 billion brain cells that pass commands to each other in a chain reaction out to the various parts of the body. Each brain cell is connected by a dendrite (Greek:branch) that acts like an electrical wire or High speed Internet cable to transfer commands. If thought is an electrical signal then it is possible to transmit it just like a radio wave.

Until recently telephone signals had to be transmitted through a wire but now cell phones do the same thing wirelessly . The same must be possible with thought. In the same way that cell phone technology were not available to humans until recently remote thought transmission is not yet available to humans but research shows that it's possible.  Search: "neuromotor prosthesis".

Though human science has not yet mastered this domain the ability is already available to those who realize it. We must first accept that thoughts, radio frequencies or even the shadow reflected from light is indeed matter then it becomes easy to acknowledge the logic of transmitting thoughts through time and space in much the same way that sound travels through space i.e. a satellite signal or the plight of sun rays to the earth.

The laws of physics has already established that a two dimensional (flat) matter exists if this is the case then surely a fourth, fifth and higher dimensions could also exists. Even the chemical process of solid, liquid and gas can be considered in terms of varying dimensional existence of the same substance. Chemistry and alchemy is the process of inter-dimensional shifting of matter.

The very composition of this writing is an example of the inter dimensional shift in the hierarchical process to manifest thought (a higher dimensional matter) into written word (a lower dimensional matter) In each mind lies two minds existing simultaneously, the conscious or primary mind and the sub-conscious or secondary mind. The secondary mind could be considered to be existing in another dimension. Perhaps this second consciousness interacting with the spirit is the relay point between inter-dimensional communication.  Thus, each person is like an antenna that connects to the signal emitted by the creation source.

Unfortunately, original thought is under attack and has been replaced in most people by popular regurgitation masked in individuality a form of mass hypnosis executed by the consolidated media to create hiveminds, and execute targeted Psychological Operations (PSYOP). The result is that most people don't even realize that most of the thoughts in their mind and the words coming out of the their mouth are mass produced opinions pretending to be their own.

The consolidated world media popularize viewpoints that are beneficial to a few powerful groups and mentally herd people like cattle to arrive at a predisposed public opinion thus making original thought even more rare.

Realizing this, some people turn to the internet to experience some form of uncensored content and express their own original thoughts and opinions. But as internet giants merge with the establishment to create a technological oligarchy their need to shape world views for their own benefit will soon outweigh demand for a free and open internet.

Meanwhile, technology grows towards it's preordained destiny to merge with human bodies. As wearables become implants the computer chip brain interface will literally kill original thought at its source ushering in the transhuman age governed by technocrats who can physically turn humans into zombies. But the worse part is that people will want to become zombies and they are already being desensitization to the idea though and onslaught of zombie movies and TV shows that subconsciously prepare people to accept the future that have been planned for them.

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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