Islam, Christianity: The True Purpose Of Religion

As I sit oblivious, in the most public of places developing my embryonic God through silent meditation. I am suddenly disturbed  by the loud obnoxious Christian with her scornful look at life. The woman driven to convert all within ear's reach, shouts prophetic threats at  the people unlucky enough to be riding in the subway-car with her. My first reaction is a fantasy to slay her from afar with my spear. Then I laugh inwardly at the foolish woman forcing unwelcome belief unto the general public. Most passengers try to block her out as she continues to rejoice in her false hopes for wings so she can fly to heaven and look for Jesus. After my amusement passes I gain some sympathy for the woman as I realize the necessity of religion, let me explain.

While I am very much anti-religious  I am not an Atheist I must admit that the religious system of knowledge based on belief  within a faith structure continues to serve its true purpose; to introduce or start people on the path of true knowledge. The problem is that most people is unwilling to use their own intellect to move past this introductory level of knowledge and access the higher realms of wisdom, this is the trap of the Simpleton.  The problem is that not enough people are graduating from religion into true wisdom and understanding.

The Simpleton is unable to reach enlightenment and never realize that religion is only the beginning. Yet, it is unrealistic to expect people to go from a beastly superstitious existence or a meaningless material existence straight to enlightenment. Therefore, it is to be expected that the whole truth would be withheld in the early lessons. Just as one would not expect a child to fully comprehend advanced mathematics and Science so only the fundamentals are taught to them until they are deemed ready to move on to the next level.

For example: 1+1=2 yet the effects of negative numbers and fraction of numbers are not taught until much later as not to confuse the beginner.

Similarly, advanced knowledge is withheld from the Simpleton by the High Priests. Instead the High Priests simplifies to provide a portion of knowledge that can be easily understood by the Simpleton.
The employer of the High Priests, the religious institution gains much power by manipulating the Simpleton so they are not motivated by an reason to provide higher levels of instruction on spiritual matters. They offer a basic consumable product for the masses in much the same way as a fast food restaurant offering 5 value meals. The common man feels he must chooses from one of the top 5 religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.

Therefore,  only if the Simpleton forge their own desire for enlightenment can they be driven to seek the truth and cross reference the knowledge he has been taught by the religions, the failure of which benefits the Church by creating dependence and thus control over the Simpleton using the dualities of reward and punishment, God and Devil, Good and Evil the Simpleton remains stuck with an elementary spiritual education.

If advanced knowledge is achieved and wisdom is gained the Simpleton becomes Enlightened. The Enlightened has no need for religion and sheds it like a skin since he has surpassed the levels therein.

Allow me to provide an metaphor so the Simpleton can understand:

A man needs good shoes to protect his feet from the harsh ground, since he has no knowledge of the shoe making he wisely decides to buy his shoes from a shoe store. The man is happy and satisfied with his shoes. After many years of wearing mass produced shoes and various pairs he begins to notice the imperfections in the fit because of the uniqueness of his feet. So he begins to think about what is good and bad about his shoes and how he would make a pair customized to fit his own feet.

The man decides to takes the next step and begin to study the art of shoemaking and soon figures out how to make a pair for himself that fits his feet perfectly. However, he would've never even had the idea if he had not used the mass produced shoes first.

In much the same way religions of the world is the default starting point for most knowledge seekers but eventually the wise will have to leave religion in order to attain true Enlightenment. Yet still, it is the most likely starting point.

To the Enlightened religion is but a speck of light among a vast sky full of stars all of which compose on enormous point of light that is the Universe.  It is from this perspective that I took my earlier anti-religious stance explained in this post . However, each person can only access the wisdom deserving of their own level of wisdom and while religion is useless to the Enlighten it is useful to the Simpleton and it is a path through which the Simpleton can become Enlightened.

Definition: *Simpleton: Common or simple human easily confused by complexities The unwise. Requiring life's mysteries to be simplified.

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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