Mass Incarceration: Private Prison Corporations & Their Perfect Product

Today more than ever corporate greed grows daily to turn jail cells into cash cows. 

Every Corporation dream of creating the perfect product one that cost nothing to make but generates endless profits. No product comes as close to this ideal than slave labor and since slavery was outlawed the closest thing  to it is prison labor.

Begin News Summary--

Judge Sentenced To 28 Years For Selling "Kids For Cash"

Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr and his partner in crime Judge Michael T. Conahan was convicted in a “Kids for cash” scheme where they accepted  a reported $2.6 million in payments from two private, for-profit youth centers for the detention of juveniles, in return for imposing harsh judgments to increase the number of residents in the centers.

Furthermore, the detention centers are owned by a Mr. Greg Zappala, brother of Pennsylvania District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. and son of former state Supreme Court Chief Justice. Judge Ciavarella  was convicted in 2011 of racketeering and other charges, and sentenced to 28 years in prison. Judge Conahan, was sentenced to more than 17 years behind bars. The prison builder Robert Mericle, pleaded guilty for his part in the plot and was sentenced to a year in prison. The victims and their families have also won millions in judgments from Mericle and Powell’s companies. (Source:

End News Summary--

The  "Prison Industrial Complex" is an actual industry and the products of this industry are prisoners the entire justice system is committed to keeping human body's flowing through the prison supply chain.

According to the BJS there were 6,899,000 adults under correctional supervision (probation, parole, jail, or prison) in 2013 – about 2.8% of adults (1 in 35) in the U.S. resident population with an additional 54,148 juveniles in detention. About 50% of prisoners are are non-violent offenders.

The private for profit prison industry has enjoyed rapid growth, the 3 largest private prison companies generate about $1.7+ Billion/year  in revenues each. Corporations such as Chevron, Motorola, Victoria Secrete, Proctor and Gamble, Starbucks, AT&T, Aramark, Marriott, Toy r us, Jan Sports Gear, TWA, Honda, Nordstrom’s and Target are just some of the companies that profit from the prison industry by exploiting prices or directly utilizing prisoners to manufacture their products.

Prison labor perform a number of jobs such as  making circuit boards, waterbeds, and cars, raising hogs, slaughtering Animals for meat. Prisoners may even work the night shift stocking shelves, packing and shipping software, making military uniforms, telemarketing, making airline reservations, or doing graphic design.

Prison workers make about $1.30/day working a 40 hour work week.  Companies get their money back by selling products to prison and prisoners while lending prisoners money to pay for products they can't afford such as health care, shoes, legal fees and prison fines. Many prisoners are released thousands of dollars in debt  with little hope of finding a job. But, if they don't or can't pay back the loans from prison they go right back into prison for further exploitation exactly as the corporations want. Prisons enjoy a 64% recidivism rate.

Private prisons present a huge conflict of interest because corporations need excessive sentences for nonviolent crimes and mass incarceration to keep profits fat and make sure the prion experience creates a career criminal instead of correcting behavior private prison get paid if they make criminal behavior worse.

This is already the perfect product but to make the deal even sweeter  the state and federal governments guarantee the number of people that will fill up the jails even if crime goes down taxpayers must still pay for a full prision.

So while young guys in the projects of America  think they are hustling on the streets the system is actually hustling them. Department of Corrections have built a billion dollar industry with them as the product.

In 1980, about 500,000 Black Males attended some kind of college, vs. 100,000 who were attended by some kind of prison guard. In 2000, about 600,000 Blacks attended some kind of college while nearly 800,000 were incarcerated that's nearly 40% of the prisoner/products.

This created an opportunity for the government and their buddies in the multi-national corporations: Let's pay private companies to build and manage big Prisons in a Little Town all across America for job creation. 

Now in ever boondock town and county like Allenwood, PA , Upstate New York, Browne County, Illinois Walker and Anderson Counties in Texas Kings County in California, towns in Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico and Washington, D.C are all filled mainly with young Black and brown people. There is nothing else in these towns. Everyone in the town works in the prison and the Government gives the town grants and subsidies for keeping the prison in their town that adds up to millions of dollars.

If the prison were not there, then the whole economy of the town wouldn't exist. See, the prison system requires a lot to keep operating, someone must build and maintain these prisons, so construction, management and security companies make millions off the prison. Someone must feed the prisoner etc. So, More Prisoners, More Money! So who says that slavery is over?

Do you invest in the stock market? Take a look at these prison stocks.

  1. Corrections Corporation of America (CXW)
  2. The Geo Group (GGI)
  3. Cornell Companies (CRN)
  4. Corizon - Prison health care company (CEO Rich Hallworth gets paid $1M/year Salary)

Meanwhile, back on the street corner, the police must keep these jails filled, so the Police Trade Union, all the police and court officers, county employees, contracted corporations and subsidiary agencies can continue to make their salaries. Lawyers, Judges and Clerks have kids to send to college. So, the product must continue to flow this is why the City continues to hire more Cops to capture more inmates and the prison industry continues to expand.

The same people who build and operate the prison system also operate the public school system, so they must plan ahead. Do they invest in more jails or more schools?

So what should we do about this crime against humanity? How can we stop the advance of the anti human agenda?'

 Join me in the call for the immediate release of all non-violent offenders and for the decriminalization of all drugs.  Let's divide the courts into two categories Violent and Nonviolent all nonviolent offense go to civil court and all violent offense go to criminal court. You shouldn't even stand a chance of going to jail unless you hurt someone physically. Put a stop to mass incarceration like we put an end to forced slavery and let's bring forth a humanist society. Justice Department...end the use of private prisons now.

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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