Love Poems: Vain I Am

Vain, I am shallow and selfish, against my own will.

Fooling myself, I deny my own instincts in matters of love and lust, who knows the difference even.

My vanity won't allow me to love absent of lust, for it is lust that I love most.

Swimming in ecstasy my lover and I, we drain ourselves, panting and loathing beneath my private abode. time drags on I become weary as my lust does my love and my vanity won't allow me to remain.

So, anew I seek. Spreading my net wide to capture another lover.

How can I be satisfied?

As distance grows between my former I think of she from time to time but my memories are filled with lust.


My vanity once again awakens my lustful intent...If only I can capture that moment again. I wonder.

But I dare not attempt. I have already scorned and torn her. Now she lays new ground finally thankful to receive some peace in my welcomed absence...

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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