Love Poems: Short Lived Love

The weighted scorn of Goddess is more than I can bare.

Oh how I pray upon her alter, for forgiveness.
Oh how I give great sacrifices unto her...
Countless rams and oxen flawless in their build but the Goddess receive them not.
She came to me once long ago saying...
"Come to me great man, for I desire thee so, for though thou are a man your heart is that of a God and you tower over men with your stance broad and high. Men fear thee and give thee glory and countless riches"
And I replied;
"I beg thee go from me oh great Goddess for thou signifies the destruction of men. Why do you torment men so? I see your last mortal lover, now he bellows like the swine and drinks with the wild beast, for he is mad.
I beg thee to go from me for I desire not that faith."
And so she cursed me for I sent her away, she took disgrace in my rejection and cursed me so.
Now all I do is I pray for a life love, one who makes me surge like the sea and thunder like the mountain, roar like the lion even. A love that singe away not. But stay with me like the eternal flame.
Yet, the Jealous Goddess had cursed me, now she teases me with short lived loves that wither away like the seasons.
Thus, a short lived love is all I can hope for, for I have been scorn by the Goddess to feel the pleasure of love for only a short while. Rarely does a rare-beauty seize my heart, this is bliss, true.
But it surely it passes on. Truly I am cursed, love be it so frail that one glitch, one itch, just one word and it shall surely die.
For with pleasure comes pain and the Goddess of pain and pleasure is one in the same.
Oh why, oh why do you curse me so, great Goddess. Lonely I wait.
I begrudge my brethren though they are lovers of many fine damsels, as am I. For even they behold the undying love of a true wife, yet they appreciate it not. Still I await a lifelong love,
surely one awaits?

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