Love Poems: I Just Wish You Loved Me

She said unto me 'I just wish you loved me' at that moment I felt her pain in my own heart.

A retched man I am, destroyer of woman's hearts and the devourer of their love. After I am finished I discard them like a half eaten carcass.

There they lay, swaying in the wind, some defenseless, others sacrifice themselves for the scavengers to enjoy. And yet still, demons some become devouring scavengers and innocent alike who cross their path.

Their memories haunt me as wondering souls do their murderers.

I am tired. Tired of this way. The constant haunting  have forced a desire for change within me.

Now, I desire not their pain. Hurt me I beg. Better for me to suffer than you. I purposely seek out those women who would correct my karma. I welcome pain of the heart to punish me as I have so many.

Yet still, I feel nothing.
Yet still, numb I have become unable to feel even pain much-less true love.

'You are lucky, woman' I declare to her, in my frustration. 'at least you feel pain better still than to feel nothing as do I'

Am I alive?
How have I become some dark?

Many questions I explore. I search my childhood for answers. Scouring my past I find many reasons... Yet still. I wished I loved you too.

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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