The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince
A lost Prince, delivered to a Strange Land, by a strange Mother.
Prince, he knew not that he was, but royal he felt within his blood.
Estranged from the other children he took few friends, taunt and laugh they did, jealousy and envy they felt, yet, he knew not the reason.
In his eyes he stood the same as they, but different he was.
They saw not the visions revealed to he and they possessed not the mark as he.
In this Strange Land suffering and pain flourished, quiet mouths remained hungry and closed hands remained empty. But a great pride he felt, royal arrogance that refused him to neither beg nor grovel.
This royalty, unexplained as it was, remained with the Prince always even in his times of dissilience.
Misplaced in time and space, the young Prince grew wild, adopting this nature to survive, stubborn and hard, the protector and provider he was to his house.
Only a chosen few surrounded the Prince as he trod the rocky roads to no end. Pain and suffering he knew much.
He knew not that a long journey hath been set forth for he and all his pain prepared him to ascend and take his rightful place as leader of his tribe. Even in his youth he was loved by those who looked to he for wisdom and many fine daughters sought his love.
Then the time would come when his journey would lead him to The Land of Empty Promises.
And so, the truth would be revealed to him by the Messenger who came to deliver him from this Strange Land, but the visions what revealed the Prince understood not. Still, the young Prince followed the commands of the Messenger leaving behind all he knew desiring to over-stand the visions revealed to him.
Many mysteries he will uncover, many lands he will travel, much pain he will feel, countless loves he will posses and much enlightenment he will gain as his ever lasting journey trod on until time deems him ready to rule.

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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