Moving Religion Out The Way So We Can Master Our Own Destiny

 Modern forms of religion do not promote self development or the exercise of personal free will and self determination instead, they promote a program of dependency. Instructing us to place our full belief and faith into the hands of God, but of course...the only "true" way to do that, they say is through the religion. Now, at first glance that may not seem like such a bad ideology but let us examine it closer. Before we elaborate, it is necessary to separate religion from the energy permeating the Universe commonly referred to as God.

Religion when broken down to its simplest meaning is a just Middle-Man, a distributor or broker. Yes, sure we can go straight to the supplier however, the middle-man tells us that he can make the transaction a lot easier for us, that he will handle all the paper work and all we have to do is pay him a small commission. But because we have never dealt with God directly we must have faith and trust that our religion is giving us what God has for us or that our religion didn't water down or manipulate it before passing it on to us. In the end it's us taking all the risk because if something goes wrong its our soul that will pay the price. This is why our religions requires faith, trust and belief, because we don't know. Don't get me wrong belief is good and faith has its usefulness.

God on the other hand is the Universal Consciousness or Omnipotent Energy, of which we all are apart of. Life flows through us from the source (God) and back. This Great Energy perpetuates through an ever evolving thing which is life, containing within it the capabilities of self determination and free will. It does not make sense that God would allow us to be born with free will only to expect us to give it up to some middleman. The goal should be to bring our destiny in sink with the rest of the universe. This is done through right knowledge, wisdom, leading to right thought, resulting in pure and right actions. The problem is the religion claims to have a monopoly on the subject matter.

When in fact only true way to determine if  our actions are right or in sink is to do unto others as we would like others do unto us. When we hurt others we hurt ourselves, likewise when we love others we love ourselves. Our connection with others is ingrained in the sub-conscious mind.

Science says we only used 10 percent our minds, that's because there are two minds within each person. One conscious, that's the 10 percent and sub-conscious,  which represent the 90 percent. Only the conscious part of the mind is controlled by our own free will. The sub-conscious is shared with the rest of the universe, this is where God dwells and our connection with all other living things is. The object is to use the conscious mind to direct the sub-conscious. In order to bring our own will in sink with the will of God which means bringing our conscious mind in sink with our sub-conscious mind. While the Conscious mind receives input from seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching, based on these 5 conscious senses our actions and opinions are determined.

The sub-conscious mind works based on cause and effect, give and get, left and right referred to by some as karma. Most of us don't pay attention to their sub-conscious mind so it just replays old programs over and over like a record. The sub-conscious mind sees, hears and records everything while the conscious mind only takes in the things it wants to. If we don't actively program and re-program your sub-conscious mind then it will continue to replay over and over again old programmed responses until true change becomes impossible. So, if we would like to change a behavior we must re-program our sub-conscious.

For example, if we want to be wealthy you have to visualize yourself as wealthy, desire to be wealthy, and then expect it to happen and be grateful because we know it will happen. But if we can't imagine our self as wealthy in our conscious mind because all the people around us are broke then we will keep replaying a broke images of ourselves in our sub-conscious mind and don't even realize it. But the sub-conscious thought is the thought that is going out into the universe, to take form and manifest in the ever evolving process of creation that we are apart of.

It is also important that we purify our reasons for desiring wealth if our reasons are materialist or if we desire to do evil things with our wealth, we may still receive the wealth but we will also receive the negativity that comes along with materialism and evil thoughts.

This is why they say "be careful what you wish for you just might get it", this being so, nothing is impossible if the mind can conceive it because we are linked to the mind of God. But we must regain control over our own destiny, take back the trust, faith and belief we place in someone else saving us because in reality only we have the power to save ourselves. By thinking that religion can save us it takes away personal responsibility, places our destiny in the hands of an outsider when all we have to do is look within.

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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