Love Poems: Blissful Kiss (Book: First Sight Last Breath)

The sun rose and shined its blessings down upon the people

in the Land of Mary.
And so the people fasted, in the honor of the Ever-Living
One. After the fasting had cease. I journeyed to the Great Feast,
my Brethren and I, dressed in fine linen our glory infused the
feast. Every man held a woman and no man went without food
nor wine.
And so I held a woman who hailed from the East and laugh
we did, sweetened with wine we collapsed in bed. Her scents did
intoxicate me, her lips sweet and plump like figs. I embellished
her softness as we kissed in passion. Her eyes bright like a swan.
We released in ecstasy.
Feeling my power she moaned and received me
And received me she did.
Open she was as her tender lips engulfed my strength,
moistened in bliss I moan for never before had a woman kissed
my strength so.
I remembered for a moment, how many times my brethrens
told me of this wonder that a woman gives. I, the last of my
brethren to receive this pleasure, I was glad, for joking and
bragging my brethren did. But no more now, for I have felt the
pleasure of a womans mouth and I shall relish it evermore.

A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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