Epic Poem: A Child I am, But I am Your Protector

A Child I am, But I am Your Protector

I am your protector, born only to guardian you.
The passions of my birth vanished quickly into the uproar and violence of your birth.
And so, to your duty I was called.
I, too young for such a task gladly rushed to your side.
Awaken by your cries I wipe away my own tears to find from where your cries came.
Coming of age,
I first recognized beauty when I beheld your face. Looking through the hazy view of my tears I quieted and calmed you, as our mother came under siege and I, but a child too young and small to defend her.
Then the day came when our mother gained the courage to flee our capture and we disappeared into the wild yonder hiding as our former capture, your father hunted day and night in search.
Safety we found within the Holy Commune.
The Holy Priests welcomed us, so wise and calm they seemed, allowing us to hide and dwell within the gates of their heavenly kingdom. Peaceful, it seemed and protection it promised.
And so, she and I dwelled, together always as our mother went from us nightly, making her journey to the temple but safe you felt with me.
Many wonders I witnessed within this Commune and troubled I was by some rituals.
Once, I stood witness with the congregation as they sacrificed the burnt offerings in the midst of chanting and fire the people stood in worship while the youths rhythmically beat the Congo drums and so it went.
In times gone by I would be one of those youths. But this night I stood at by my mother’s side facing the Priests as they performed the ancient rituals witnessed by the congregation.
Suddenly, I felt a serpent twirling up my leg beneath my trousers. Of the serpent I was sure, tremble I did, the scales of the serpent twined my skin, hissing and twisting about. Not to disturb the ceremony I quietly tugged at my mother’s skirt

I whispered, as she ignored.
She looked.
“ A snake crawls within trousers”
She dismissed my plea and returned her attention to the worship. Then, I screamed in an uncontrolled pitch, bellowing in fear as it griped me. Realizing my disturbance my mother took me to the open yard, as the crowd gathered, she removed my trousers to check my complaint. I passed from consciousness, fainted yet still I could see from above, as if a spirit I was, gazing down unto the physical realm. My voice mute and on the cold ground I laid. But my mother found no serpent beneath my trousers neither did the crowd witness any serpent escape.
Then the black darkness overcame vision and there, I slept.
I heard once that he, your father found where we rest, but the Priests received him not and away he went. When I heard this I shouted in anger wishing to have met him, surely I would have killed him for plaguing my memories with the violent beatings of my own mother as I watched defenseless as a child.
Then the day came when I entered our house hungry from a day at play when I saw a strange man forcing his will upon my mother and so,
bigger and stronger now, yet still, a boy
I fastened my hands to the nearest thing to grab, a staff it was, and launched it at the assailant then to my surprise my aim grew deadly and from his chest it extended and fall he did.
Did death take him?
I do not know, they told me not. But a protector I became. I knew not the reasons for such trauma, though my mother did, she spoke nothing of it.
And so, I grew and played with the youths my age. There were two Princes with whom I played often, royally they were treated, yet they, the worst of any kind. Many times they injured me but I said nothing even lies I told to protect them.
And so the days passed.
Still during the nights, our mother went from us traveling to the temple of the Priests. And we stayed together, I patiently watched you to sleep, then at your side I would rest.
And so, the day came and went many times over then the night came again and I watched you to sleep and again our mother journeyed off to the Temple. And as you slept so peacefully a thought came over me and something I wondered, urge me it did, I could not wait so I ran towards the Temple across the yard to find my mother and found her I did as she laid among the Priestesses. She arouse startled and quickly as I entered. She quieted me and rushed me to the side.
“Why have you left your sister?”
She questioned me.
She shushed me from even saying a word.
“Go back to her”
And so I did. Ran, I did with great speed back to my sister’s side. And when I came upon the house a dark shadow of a witch I saw by her bed side. As the witch witnessed me she rushed off I ran to my sister’s side asleep she still seemed, but sleep she was not, for dark death had taken her. I cried immeasurable tears, understanding of why or how any soul could hurt such and delicate creature escaped me. Moments later the news reached my mother and she came, as a held your lifeless body, fuming with anger at me. Only a boy I was and so sorrow overwhelmed me to this day even. Given another chance I would gladly give my own life for yours.
And what a rift was drawn between my Mother and I. For as she came to realize that the fault were not mine alone, it was too late, the damage done, the blame dealt and love went from between us both, never to return.
She knew fully well of some kind of danger, I see now.
There were those stricken with jealousy against us for reasons I knew not. And dark magic they set against us, ways forbidden within the Holy Commune and by the Holy Priests.
But, a protector I was to you and fail you I did.
And so with this tragedy, off we went, now only my mother and I. How lonely I was, everyday begging mother for a sibling to share my days. But, a barren tree she said she was, unable to bear anymore fruits and so I grew alone.
Then a new day delivered a proper suitor and within the whom a child laid, I spoke to you nightly, I knew it was you who had returned, too swiftly you were taken and reborn you must.
Then the time of your birth came and yes it was you reborn to me, like a dressing to my wound that will never heal.
But as your birth arrived, the time came to pass when I was to leave and go forth to the Land of Empty Promises and so I went. And though the sight of your face I miss, your smile I also miss, I hope to remain close to your heart. For, your protector I am.

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