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It is the winter rainy season in the South Sudanese State of Jongelei, in the town of Waat. The grass is tall within the lush vegetation near the village called Diror. Two young children Khor and Mire their Dog named KIR. leading the way,on the hunt for birds alone in the bush near to their home village in Southern Sudan. 

Kir, a brownwish-red colored hunting dog of German Sheppard breading and Khor's most loyal companion very well trained and obedient to Khor and his family.

Khor, a 10 year old Sudanese boy, fitting the build of the typical Sudanese type; tall, slender with flawless dark skin with little if any hair. shirtless, wearing camouflage shorts, a leather anklet above his bare-feet. A small knife swings from his waste his slingshot in hand ready to shoot the first bird that moves. Khoris whats known as an ancient soul though he is only 10 he carries himself as if he has the wisdom of many ages.

Miri, an 11 years old Sudanese girl also tall and slender, also shirtless with colorful tribal beaded jewelry adorning her head, neckline and wrist wearing a wrapped skirt and leather sandals. A bow and pouch filled with arrows strapped across her back. Her beauty shines as the rays of sunlight penetrates the trees and unto her glistening black skin.

Khor spots a Small Red Bird in a distant tree he signals for Mir stop she kneels. In silence Kir stares, he sees the bird too. Khor pulls back his slingshot, aiming a small stone to take the shot.
When suddenly a small green snake scurries across Miri's ankles. Miri "SCREAMS! " breaking the silence just as Khor releases his shot. The bird is startled  Khor misses as Kir Barks at escaping bird.

Kir barks at the bird as he escapes through the trees disappearing into the sunlight. Angry Khor turns to Miri saying "Why did you disturb me?"  Miri response, trying to hide her smile "It was unintentional" she let's a giggle slip out the says "It does not matter. You would of missed"
Khor "So, you doubt me?" (before she could respond).."You doubt me woman?"
Miri now backing down. "No. Of course not. My King. I do not." Khor smiles (he loves it when she calls him King. Miri knows this and jumps at the opportunity to get back on Khor's good side  "You are to be my husband so I know your heart. You only hunt to impress your father. You can't not bear to see the creature suffer." Khor, getting defensive "I can. I can kill with the ease of any other man" 


A.D. Largie is a Author of primarily children's picture books. 


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